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Oxygen Capital

Venture Capital

Oxygen Capital financial website made by Bectre
Oxygen Capital is a micro-venture group based in Sydney. They are made up of a team of investors and entrepreneurs who astutely invest in emerging companies within Australia and New Zealand. Oxygen Capital tasked us to create a clear, concise website design that communicates it's value proposition to entrepreneurs and potential investors.

Design a bespoke website that engages potential investors and entrepreneurs, conveying trust and professionalism.

Ensure an enjoyable user experience across all pages using a clear navigational menu and consistent website structure.

Create a dedicated page that highlights companies that Oxygen Capital have made investments in.

Incorporate lead capture forms for potential investors and interested companies.

Provide a secure and reliable financial website that is encrypted using SSL.

Ensure the website is responsive to tablets, mobiles and major browsers.

Project Goals

Enabling visitors to express interest

We incorporated beautiful brand images to provide an engaging viewing experience. The inclusion of lead capture forms was vital to enable potential investors and interested companies to express interest. We built the financial website using an “HTTPS” domain with a dedicated SSL certificate to increase the audience’s trust and credibility of the brand as they browse the content and submit the lead capture forms with confidence. Lastly, we optimised the website’s structure to ensure an engaging user experience across mobile and tablet devices.

Design Agency Financial Services

Conveying trust and professionalism

Leveraging Oxygen Capital’s strong visual identity, we designed a bespoke financial website that featured rich imagery to engage potential investors and entrepreneurs. We ensured a seamless user experience throughout the website using a consistent page structure and clear menu navigation to convey trust and professionalism. We created a dedicated portfolio page that showcases companies that Oxygen Capital have invested in, providing transparency and credibility.

Digital Marketing Agency For Financial Service Firms

The Solution

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