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7 Proven Digital Marketing Strategies For Wealth Management Firms

As a wealth manager, you want to provide your clients with a unique service that they can’t get anywhere else. You can leverage digital marketing strategies for wealth management in order to increase your brand awareness and allow clients to find about your services online. There are many digital marketing strategies that you can utilise; however, it’s important to understand that they are all built on the foundation of a compelling brand and an engaging website, especially if you want to attract high net worth clients. So how do you set yourself apart from other financial advisors online?

Digital Marketing Strategies For Wealth Management Firms

How do you market wealth management services?

Marketing is a key tool for wealth managers, but how specifically do you market your wealth management services? Digital marketing is one of the best ways to promote your service offering. In this article, we will cover seven tactics that will help you increase sales and grow your wealth management firm.

1. Create A Memorable Brand

A wealth management brand must be memorable in order to stand out from the competition. The point of branding is to tell your clients and prospects what they can expect from your products and services. Your brand should be memorable and uniquely represent who you are as a company. If you want to set yourself apart, your wealth management digital marketing strategy must be built around the unique qualities that you offer your clients. Your branding should reflect this in such a way that it sets you apart from full-service wealth management firms or investment advisors. Even prospects that use robo-advisors will need professional advice about more complex financial areas like taxes or estate planning. If you would like help creating a memorable brand for then we can help. We understand how to create a strong visual identity for wealth managers. Contact us today to help establish your logo and brand identity.

2. Design An Engaging Website

An engaging website should be the foundation of every wealth management digital marketing strategy. However, designing an engaging website can be overwhelming for many wealth managers. There are so many options available that it is difficult to decide how to proceed. Many wealth management websites look the same and do not reflect the company’s brand. This makes it hard for your company’s message to resonate with prospective wealth management clients. At Bectre, we provide a variety of digital marketing strategies for wealth management companies, including financial website design. We have a wealth of knowledge working with established and emerging wealth management firms. If you are interested in creating a website that connects with visitors and converts them into wealth management clients, then reach out for a no-obligation consultation today.

3. Get Leads Through Digital Marketing Using SEO

There are many ways to generate leads, but one of the cost-effective marketing methods is using SEO. Financial SEO is the process of optimising your website for search engines so when people enter relevant search phrases, they will see your site and learn more about your services. This digital marketing strategy can lead to much more traffic than any other lead generation strategy out there. However, without experience, it can be hard to figure out where and how to get started with SEO. If you would like help creating an SEO strategy that generates new clients for your wealth management firm then we can help. At Bectre, we specialise in helping wealth managers generate revenue through SEO with ROI in mind.

4. Increase Your Authority With a Blog

With so many other financial service providers in the market, it can be hard to differentiate yourself. Using a blog as one of the cornerstones of your wealth management digital marketing strategies can help you stand out from your competitors by positioning you as an authority in the wealth management industry. As a bonus, Google loves original authoritative content, so writing on subjects similar to the services you offer can help increase your visibility on Google and attract new clients. You can further increase your reach by sharing your articles on social media, your network will likely share your content to their network who may find your post insightful and reach out to you for more information.

5. Optimise Your Google Business Listing

To get the most out of your digital marketing, you need to have a Google Business Listing for your financial services company so it can be listed on Google Maps. You can then start by filling in all relevant information like your company name, address and phone number. Upload photos so that so potential wealth management clients can become familiar with your wealth management firm. By optimising your Google Business listing for your wealth management services, you are able to increase your exposure to people in your local area and improve the likelihood that they will contact you via phone or your website. If you’d like to learn more about how to optimise your Google Business listing so that clients can find you, then contact us.

The best way to build your credibility on Google is by getting Google reviews. According to a study completed by the Spiegel Research Center, almost 95% of clients read online reviews before making a purchase. This means that if you're looking to grow your business it is essential that you ask all your long term wealth management clients for a Google review. We recommend aiming for 50% more reviews than your competitors, as this will help set you apart when they are researching for a wealth manager.

6. Create a Social Media Strategy

An effective social media strategy should increase your brand awareness and attract potential clients to your wealth management company. Social networking sites like Facebook and LinkedIn provide a great way to connect with your target audience as well as communicate important information about your business such as new service offerings. With an effective social media strategy, you can share a piece of relevant content and reach hundreds or even thousands of potential clients.

7. Be Consistent With Email Marketing

Despite the fact that people often feel inundated with emails, most of them still check their email every day because they're looking for something important. By utilising an email newsletter you have the opportunity to add value to your audience through email marketing which will allow you will stay top of mind with potential and existing clients. Similar to a blog, we want to provide valuable insights that your audience will find relevant, don’t just promote your services as your audience will opt-out. Email newsletter segmentation is crucial if you have a diverse client base. There are different needs from the Millennial investors to pre-retirees which means sending different newsletters to them. Always keep your audience in mind when deciding what type of content and tone to use for your newsletter.

Digital Marketing For Wealth Management Firms

There are so many digital marketing strategies out there, it can be hard to know where to start. Our aim with this article was to highlight the most effective digital marketing strategies for wealth management, so you can expand your reach to new clients. As with most things in life, the important thing is to start somewhere. However, if you don’t have the time or experience to implement these strategies yourself then we can help. Bectre provides results-driven digital marketing services tailored for wealth managers. We offer everything from logo design and branding to a bespoke website with an SEO campaign to attract new clients to your firm. If you are interested in growing your client base as a wealth manager, then get in touch to book a free, no-commitment consultation or call us on 0432 412 024.

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