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The Best Financial Services Website Designs of 2021

If you're a wealth manager, financial advisor or financial planner and want to improve the design of your website, then this article is for you. In this article, you’ll find five websites that we have carefully designed to engage with visitors and establish trust with potential clients.

At Bectre, we have the privilege of helping financial service companies create compelling brands, bespoke websites and results-driven digital marketing solutions.

Financial services website design

We hope these website examples inspire you, and if you’d like to discuss your financial branding or website design project with us, then we invite you to get in touch to arrange a free consultation.

Website Design For Financial Services

Blackmore Capital

Blackmore Capital is a privately owned ASX200 focussed Asset Management firm based in Melbourne. Their investment process combines long periods of solitary research with an intensive company visitation program. Blackmore Capital approached us to design a fresh, bespoke financial website design to connect with their target audience and existing clients.

Creating Blackmore Capital’s website was very rewarding. We utilised all of their existing branding assets together to create a professional website that represents their firm online - including their logo, typography, colour scheme and tone of voice. We included clear calls-to-action on the home page that guide visitors who want more information to explore their portfolios. We looked to further inspire trust and confidence in the firm by integrating a blog that allows the team to publish insights, prompting prospects to subscribe to keep the firm top-of-mind.

Web Design For Financial Services

Royce Advisory

Royce Advisory provides comprehensive wealth & investment advisory services to help their clients preserve and grow their assets, diversify their portfolios, and maintain a legacy for future generations. Royce Advisory approached us with a design brief for a new financial website.

Utilising the initial design brief, we created a bespoke and engaging financial website that clearly explains Royce Advisory's wealth management services. We created their site with the goal of driving visitors through the content towards an enquiry or blog subscription. The goal was to design an enjoyable user experience across all pages, so visitors could easily find what they were looking for. To achieve this, we designed a clear menu and navigation system that prevented any confusion about where users should go next on our site. Next, we set out to inspire further trust and authority in the firm by creating a dedicated blog that would allow the client to share valuable insights with prospects and clients, prompting them to subscribe and enabling the client to stay top-of-mind.

Financial Services Web Design

Hall Road Investments

Hall Road Investments is an independent consulting firm specialising in family office clients, seeking an independent guide through the vast array of complex services required to build the investment infrastructure of the future. We were approached to design a fresh, financial website design to connect with their target audience and clients.

As soon as we began work, the focus was on creating an engaging financial website design that clearly highlights their point of difference. We designed a compelling website that highlights their value and details their service offerings. In order for visitors to get more information, we made sure that there were links on the homepage that led them to the individual service pages where the visitor could learn more. We integrated a blog to build trust and credibility in the brand by delivering valuable articles to existing and potential clients. Lastly, by making sure that the website was optimised for tablets, mobile devices and major browsers, as well as being fast to load we ensured a consistent viewing experience for visitors.

Financial Advisor Marketing Agency

Oxygen Capital

Oxygen Capital is a micro-venture group based in Sydney. They are made up of a team of investors and entrepreneurs who astutely invest in emerging companies within Australia and New Zealand. Oxygen Capital tasked us to create a clear, concise website design that communicated its value proposition to entrepreneurs and potential investors.

Leveraging Oxygen Capital’s strong visual identity, we created a tailored financial website that featured rich imagery to engage potential investors and entrepreneurs. To enable a seamless user experience and convey trust, we ensured consistency throughout the website with clear page structures and menu navigation. The portfolio page showcases companies that Oxygen Capital have invested in, providing an increased level of transparency and credibility to the firm.

Financial Websites

Balanced Business Accounting

Balanced Business Accounting is a team of accounting professionals dedicated to providing quality, professional accounting solutions to small and medium businesses throughout Brisbane and South East Queensland. Balanced Business Accounting was referred to us and we were tasked to redesign their existing website, while still connecting with their existing clients.

Working off of the old website design, we carefully reviewed what was working and what could be improved. The visual design needed to be updated, but a lot of the website structure was working and could be implemented into the new design. We chose to highlight the introductory offers that were working for the client, making them more prominent. This allows the client to demonstrate value to prospects before they commit to being a client, providing a risk-free incentive that increases conversions. A visual design aspect that was important to the client was to feature local photography throughout the website, so we included a banner at the top of each page and included local photography on the main pages. As this was a redesign, we made sure to carefully redirect visitors from old web pages to the equivalent pages on the new website, so that existing clients did not get frustrated with the new experience.

Are you a financial services company looking to create a memorable brand or engaging website design? If so, then we’d love to learn more about your goals and see how we can help. Get in touch with us to book a free, no-commitment consultation or call us on 0432 412 024.


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