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SEO Basics For Financial Service Companies

According to a study by BrightEdge, 71% of companies report that their websites are more important than printed brochures. Ensuring your website has a solid SEO foundation is integral to ensuring your financial services website will be found online. In addition to providing consumers with information about products and services offered, financial firms also want search engines like Google to index their sites so that they can increase brand awareness and grow their client base.

Financial SEO

What is SEO?

One of the most powerful ways to grow your financial firm's brand awareness and generate new leads is through SEO (search engine optimisation) and Bectre can help you with that. Financial SEO is the time-consuming process, of increasing your visibility in search engines like Google, so that new and existing clients can find your financial firm.

Do financial firms need SEO?

Financial firms are adapting to the changing landscape of digital marketing. It is important for firms not only to have an engaging website but to also have strong visibility in search engines. SEO makes it possible for people looking for financial services to find your firm online. With good search engine visibility, even if people don’t know your firm's name, they can search and find out about your business and the services you offer.

How do I get my financial website found online?

When you think of a financial advisor, what do you think about? If we were to ask this question to a financial advisor's clients, we would likely hear: “They help me invest my money”, or “They help me prepare for retirement.” These are great answers that reveal basic information about how potential clients think about financial advisors. The next step is to complete keyword research using these phrases and then create a plan to rank for these keywords so that when potential visitors search online they find your financial firm.

What are the best practices for SEO?

SEO refers to the organic search results that appear after a user has initially entered financial terms. The best practices of SEO include:

Aligning Your Content with Search Intent

The tone of voice that you use in your content should match the intent of your target audience.

Improving the User Experience on Your Website

Identify problem areas on your website, and come up with solutions to improve the user experience.

Writing engaging Title Tags and Meta Descriptions

Using the keywords from your keyword research write title tags and meta descriptions that will grab the attention of your target audience.

Focussing on Getting More Authoritative Backlinks

One way to get authoritative backlinks is to write gripping content and reach out to financial blogs that may want to publish it in return for a link to your website.

Are you a financial services company looking to increase your online visibility and find new clients? If so, then we’d love to learn more about your goals and see how we can help. Get in touch with us to book a free, no-commitment consultation or call us on 0432 412 024.


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