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Financial Services Content Marketing Strategies That Work

The financial services industry is growing at a rapid pace. The wealth management sector has especially seen an increase in demand for its products as more Australians look to invest their money wisely during uncertain economic times. As awareness for these topics continues to grow, it is important that you consider how financial services content marketing can help your business succeed among the competition. In this article, we will guide you through financial services marketing to help you provide valuable content to your target market.

Financial Services Content Marketing

What is included in content marketing?

Content marketing is a digital marketing strategy for financial services that describes the promotion of content, such as blog posts and videos, produced by a company to attract customers. It is a way for financial services companies to communicate with their target audience and provide them with relevant content. The goal of a content marketing strategy is to help build a relationship between the business and its target market by providing useful information that they are looking for.

Content marketing is not intended to directly pitch to your target market but rather provide solutions to their pain points and create trust. The article that you are currently reading is a form of content marketing with the goal of providing you with a comprehensive guide to help you better understand and implement financial content marketing. Because content marketing is less intrusive and time-consuming than traditional advertising, it can be a far more efficient way to reach potential customers.

What are the types of content marketing?

What are the types of content marketing? There is so much information available it can sometimes be difficult to know which type of content will attract your ideal customers. Below are eight types of content marketing available:

  1. Blog posts

  2. Social media

  3. Podcasts

  4. Videos

  5. Email marketing

  6. Infographics

  7. eBooks

Marketing Ideas For Finance Companies

Content Marketing Ideas For Financial Services

Financial advisors and planners face many challenges in terms of creating great content that their customers want to read. The focus is often on the technical aspects of financial advising and planning, which can be difficult to translate into good content. However, with a little thought and creativity, it is possible to create high-quality financial services marketing content that will help attract readers, build trust and ultimately drive business. In this section, we will discuss digital marketing ideas for finance companies that you can use for your own content creation efforts.

Blog Posts

Blog posts are an essential part of long-term digital marketing campaigns and one of many great content ideas for financial services. A successful blog post can allow you to be featured on the first page of search engine results. The first step to writing engaging blog posts is finding a topic that people are interested in, this will improve the user experience for your target audience as they will find value in your blog post. Once you have found a financial services topic of interest, you will need to figure out how you can provide valuable insight to ensure it is engaging for the reader. Thinking of content ideas for financial services is one thing, but providing value is where client conversions happen. For example, if you are a financial advisor and your article is on the benefits of purchasing stocks, then you could add further value to the user experience by suggesting some reputable trading platforms and their fees. You could also write a blog post that debunks common myths or analyses financial services industry news, positioning yourself as an authority so that your audience will reach out to you when they need financial guidance. The more value you are able to provide in blog posts relevant to your audience, the higher they will be featured in search engine results and the more engaged your audience will be. As a result, they will be more likely to trust your products and services and ask for help.

Social Media Posts

Writing engaging and creative financial services content for social media helps increase brand awareness, but it doesn't have to be difficult. Here are some helpful social media tips:

  • Think about your target market - tailor your post to provide value to your target market.

  • Use visuals such as images or infographics to make your content more engaging and shareable.

  • Add relevant hashtags to maximise your exposure

  • Be consistent - share social media posts regularly to stay top of mind with your network


Podcasts can be a good way to generate interest in your financial services brand by giving listeners the opportunity to experience a personal connection with you. Podcasts are ideal for showing off your personality and expertise. They're also excellent for getting feedback from your target market, whether they're asking questions or writing comments. There are two ways to utilise podcasts: The first is to create your own podcast and provide value to your target market by interviewing experts and discussing relevant topics. The second is to be featured on someone else’s podcast that has a similar audience to you, but where you can provide unique value.


Videos are a great way to increase brand awareness and drive traffic from YouTube or social networks to your website using digital marketing. Videos provide a marketing opportunity to showcase your financial services expertise and share valuable information with customers. Some video categories that you could build topics around are:

  • Explainer videos: simplify complex topics, or shed light on common financial misconceptions

  • Money-saving tips: provide tips and tricks for your audience to save money in their daily life

  • Industry statistics: Enlighten your target market with interesting financial statistics

Marketing Strategies For Financial Services

Financial Services Content Marketing Tips

Financial services companies have a wealth of resources to draw upon when creating content. In order for that content to be an effective financial services marketing strategy, it needs to meet the specific needs of their target audience. By knowing your audience and what they want from you, you can create better content – which will help build trust and grow your business.

Produce quality, original content that is valuable for the reader

In order to provide value, you first need to understand your audience, their needs and pain points. You can do this by noting the most commonly asked questions you get asked as a financial services professional. Then create a roadmap to create content that addresses these questions.

Try to follow these tips when creating financial services marketing content:

  • Address the pain points your specific audience needs help with

  • Use a consistent tone of voice across your financial content marketing strategy

  • Use examples whenever possible and ensure they are easily understood by your audience

  • Use visuals such as images or infographics (where possible) to make your content more engaging and shareable

Target Specific Keywords

You can use a number of methods to target specific financial services keywords to use in your content creation. If you followed the step above producing content that is valuable to your reader, then you have a solid foundation as you know what your audience is searching for online. The next step is to ensure these keywords appear throughout the content you create, but be sure not to add too many instances as this is called keyword stuffing and can be penalised. First and foremost your writing should be geared to provide value to your audience and the mention of keywords should occur naturally. When optimising your content for specific keywords, you should try to ensure these words are included in the title of the content as well as other parts like tags and descriptions.

Understand your audience and speak to them in their language

It's important to understand the audience you are speaking with and speak to them in their language. Different audiences require different styles of speech, so it's crucial that you tailor your content to your audience in order to ensure you are relating to them. Make sure to address the language and culture of your audience when you are speaking and avoid complicated financial services jargon.

Finish With A Call To Action

It's important to finish a blog post with a call to action because it will improve the user experience and give your reader an opportunity to take the next step with your financial services business. It is an excellent way of getting the reader to follow through on their action and get them one step closer to being a customer. Some examples of call to actions are subscription - where you are asking readers to subscribe to your content so you can provide further value. Another example of a call to action which also increases the user experience is a link to your contact page where you are encouraging readers to contact you for professional help.

Marketing Strategies For Financial Services

Financial services content marketing is continually evolving and takes time and effort to ensure consistent results. At Bectre, we help financial service companies like you focus on your business by offering a content marketing strategy that is designed for your unique business objectives and market challenges. If you would like help attracting clients through financial content marketing then get in touch to book a free, no-commitment consultation or call us on 0432 412 024.


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